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Welcome to the The Milky Way page

Map your enterprise

The Milky Way map helps you clarify your questions of how to implement new ideas, grow your business and make it more efficient.

The model

  • The map shows what the enterprise does in terms of its business capabilities, the information it handles and the IT support systems it uses to do that, and how these relate to the steps of the value flow. The map becomes a stable representation of the enterprise and an anchor model for many other types of information and questions that need to be answered.

What you can find in the map

  • The main steps in the value flow.
  • The organisation’s capabilities (what is done within the organisation)
  • Activa & enablers (including IT- systems & applications used by the organisation.
  • Information flow (and how that is handled)

The Milky Way is very useful for

  • developing optimal collaboration with customers and suppliers.
  • creating a descriptive guidebook that presents in greater detail what the different business capabilities do and contain.
  • planning and coordinating change initiatives.

Find your

  • Customer journey
  • Supplier journey
  • Product flow
  • Service flow
  • Etc.



Navigate your Enterprise

Start asking questions to your map.

  • Where do we have problems?
  • What do our customers want?
  • What ongoing change initiatives are affecting which areas?
  • What do we spend our money on?
  • What do we want to change and how?
  • What should we prioritize?



Act to enhance your Enterprise

  • Identify the main steps in the value flow.
  • Capture capabilities, IT systems and information flows.
  • Iterate and gain acceptance.
  • Follow the value flow.
  • Review the map.



Detailed information

The Milky Way
The method Milky Way International
The originators IRM