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The BehaviourWorks Method

Developed over several years, the BehaviourWorks Method is a tried and tested approach to changing behaviours. Consisting of three primary phases - Exploration, Deep Dive and Application - The Method can be used in full, or in parts, to gather evidence on the behaviour change approach that is most likely to work.



What's the problem?

Experience tells us that many organisations need help defining the problem to begin with, so the Exploration phase focuses on 'unpacking' the problem and building a shared understanding of it.


Deep Dive

What influences  behaviour?

The purpose of the Deep Dive is to understand the explicit drivers and barriers influencing the behaviour from the target audience's perspective. In our experience, this step is often overlooked and interventions are instead based on assumed models of behaviour. By exploring the context, barriers and motivations behind the behaviour - and what has worked (or not) in the past to change them - we can develop more effective interventions.



What impact have we made?

The Application phase of The Method is an acknowledgement that to have a measurable impact on behaviour, our trials or pilots must be implemented in a way that allows them to be properly evaluated.

Each chapter of The Method Book takes you through a detailed explanation of one segment of the BehaviourWorks Method. Chapters 1 - 4 cover the ‘Exploration’ phase that helps practitioners better define the problem. Chapters 5 - 8 cover the ‘Deep Dive’ phase that identifies important behavioural influences to guide intervention design. Chapters 9 - 12 covers the ‘Application’ phase that focuses on success measures, trials, impact and scaling.

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The BehaviourWorks Method
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