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Welcome to 'My Strategy'

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Your future will be Environmental, Social and Governance driven.

The content of this wiki, and the Experiential Growth Method® in particular, offers you methods and tools to create and enhance your strategy.

We start from the description of "the whole of your company and business" in detail.

This contrasts with the prevailing trend to explain details of your company in their generality.

As human beings, we all need three things to succeed.

  • First of all, enough food and shelter
  • Secondly, a mate to reproduce
  • Thirdly, information about the world surrounding us.

We all need this information to move towards enough resources, select the right fellow humans and create our habits and processes to be able to develop in our environment.

This applies to your enterprise in the very same way:


  • Why is there an opportunity to invent / advance / grow now,
    • and what are the patterns that arise
    • from the interests our business has?


  • How will we make this opportunity work,
    • and what are the principles we organise our enterprise by
    • from our company's values?


  • What drives the use of this value proposition,
    • and what are the human-based processes we create
    • from the goals our enterprise wants to realise?

Some iconic examples

  • Computer
    • Why became the computer industry possible?
      • The silicon transistor.
    • How was this opportunity reformed?
      • Memory storage, first magnetic tape, later solid-state.
    • What made the computer industry big?
      • Software.
  • Logistic chain
    • Why became the logistic chain possible?
      • The platform economy.
    • How was this opportunity reformed?
      • www - ai - 5G.
    • What made the logistic chain big?
      • Need for predictable, transparent supply chains.


When you can formulate an answer to the former three questions for yourself, your company, your business niche and all your stakeholders, this will start your strategic circle that leads to value realisation:

  • Vision
    • Imagine the right ethical things to do.
  • Strategy
    • Think about the next steps to take.
  • Tactics
    • Make those decisions that enable future decisions.
  • Mission
    • Support co-regulation and participation.


Strategy is not a separate policy area but a horizontal competence of those who matter in the company, intending to involve the whole organisation.

"The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together" - Carl Sagan

The content of this wiki

This wiki provides you all insides to make those decisions that enable future decisions.

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