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A long-term business strategy is a way for your company to address global sustainability challenges and advance sustainable development. However, to take a visionary and holistic perspective on sustainability requires aligning your company perspective with a societal and environmental macro-level under­standing of sustainability. Through this integrated strategy, your company can advance sustainable development while doing business.

The factors influencing an integrated strategy implementation process are:

  • organisation-related
  • employee-related
  • internal activities
  • outward activities
  • market-related conditions

Strategy implementation is a continuous and long-term process. Moreover, data analysis emphasised that implementation depends on contextual issues, such as market-related conditions. (1)

In Experiential Growth Method® terms, this means:

Outer focus

  • Sustainable and professional brand
  • Sustainability legitimacy in different markets
  • Clarifying the impacts
  • Pushing the market in a specific direction
  • Functionality demands of sustainable products

Other focus

  • Sustainability-oriented organisational culture
  • Open (downwards & upwards) knowledge sharing (between colleagues)
  • Setting measurable and role dependent targets
  • Assimilation of sustainability in daily tasks/projects
  • Training

Inner focus

  • A longstanding commitment to sustainability
  • Motivation to advance sustainability
  • Being proactive

(1) Sustainible strategy Factors influencing the implementation of an integrated corporate sustainability and business strategy - Kaisa Manninen - Journal of Cleaner Production - 2022