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Welcome to the Agility page


What is Agility?

Another word for agility is nimbleness. In business context:

  • Leaders and team members make sure what they do connects to the organisation's strategy. They build relationships, support, and momentum for their ideas with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Leaders and team members learn what their competitors are doing, what customers want and need, and where technologies are moving. They understand the context in which their company and its people operate.
  • Leaders and team members coordinate work with groups around the organisation and larger ecosystem to ensure other departments are on board and collaborating.


Thinking about the concept

A visual thesaurus search is always an excellent starting point to discuss a concept definition:

Thesaurus - ENG
Thesaurus - Synonyms, Antonyms, and Related Words (



Relations of Agility within Leading into the future (and Corporate- & organisational futuring)

EGM - Lif - Agility - 3D - ENG.jpg

There exists a close vertical relationship within Leading into the future:

On the Outer focus level, an affiliation exists with Organisational futuring:

And Corporate futuring:

In concrete terms, this means:

  • The trio - 'Leading', 'Value development' and 'Agility' - is inextricably linked.
  • Your 'Agility' contributes substantially to 'Human capital', 'Requisite organisation', 'Activa- & enablers' and Compliance management.
  • Furthermore, 'Agility' is part of the Outer focus level where 'Organisational-' and 'Corporate futuring' meet.



Questions we can ask ourselves when contemplating Agility

  • Supports our 'Agility' our 'Value development' and our 'Leading'?
  • Is our 'Agility' robust enough to generate a viable 'Human capital', 'Requisite organisation', 'Activa- & enablers' and Compliance management?
  • Is our Agility a 'collider' or a 'mediator'?