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What is appreciation?

--- Appreciation of something is the recognition and enjoyment of its good qualities.

Your appreciation for something that someone does for you is your gratitude for it.

An appreciation of a situation or problem is an understanding of what it involves.

Appreciation in the value of something is an increase in its value over a period of time.

Thinking about the concept

A visual thesaurus search is always an excellent starting point to discuss a concept definition:

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Relations of Appreciation within Corporate futuring (and Organisational futuring)

EGM - Cf - Appreciation - 3D - ENG.jpg

There exists a close vertical relationship within Corporate futuring:

On the Inner focus level, a close relationship exists with:

Corporate futuring and Organisational futuring intertwine, on the Inner focus level, through:

In concrete terms, this means:

  • The trio - 'Appreciation', 'Organisational structure' and 'Business model' - is inextricably linked.
  • Your 'Appreciation' contributes substantially to 'Long term thinking' and 'Steering'.
  • To realise 'Long term thinking', you need to invest in 'Motivation'. Even so, to realise your 'Steering', you need the right 'Governance'.

Questions we can ask ourselves when contemplating our Appreciation

  • Is our 'Appreciation' the source of our 'Organisational structure' and 'Business model'?
  • Is our 'Appreciation' robust enough to generate 'Steering'?
  • Is our 'Appreciation' keen enough to create 'Long term thinking'?
  • Or does our 'Appreciation' prohibit a relationship between Long term thinking and our Steering? (See Collider)