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What is commercial management?

The identification and development of business opportunities and the profitable management of projects and contracts, from inception to completion.

International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM)

Sales management is the process that entails developing new selling strategies, gathering and training sales teams, and coordinating the practices aimed at pursuing a company’s sales goals. It helps businesses create excellent sales teams, develop good relationships with their consumers, reduce costs, and reach sales targets.

Bryan Tracy


Thinking about the concept

A visual thesaurus search is always an excellent starting point to discuss a concept definition:

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Relations of Commercial management within Corporate futuring (and Organisational futuring)

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There exists a close vertical relationship within Corporate futuring:

On the Outer focus level, a close relationship exists with:

Corporate futuring and Organisational futuring intertwine, on the Outer focus level, through:

In concrete terms, this means:

  • The trio - 'Steering', 'Operational management' and 'Commercial management' - is inextricably linked.
  • Your 'Commercial management' contributes substantially to 'Financial management' and 'Business model'.
  • To realise your 'Commercial management' through 'Financial management', you need the right 'Activa & enablers'. Even so, to realise your 'Business model', you need the right 'Compliance management'.



Questions we can ask ourselves when contemplating our Commercial management

  • Is our 'Commercial management' based on a strong 'Operational managemen't and the right 'Steering' ?
  • Is our 'Commercial management' robust enough to generate a viable 'Business model'?
  • Is our 'Commercial management' keen enough to create financial flows?
  • Or is our 'Commercial management' a collider or a mediator between our 'Business model' and our financial flows?



Commercial relationships

In the traditional “value selling” approach, suppliers start by identifying customers whose needs best fit their products and develop a value proposition targeted at these customers. The tactic is focused on what a company’s products can do for the customer. However, the two parties should in fact be focused on creating value together. A good starting point is to ask the question: “What would we do differently, if we were one company?”

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