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Welcome to the Compliance management page


What is compliance management?

The fact of obeying a particular law or rule, or of acting according to an agreement, whether through government legislation, industry standards & regulations or a company’s own policies. The cost of non-compliance can be both catastrophic and long-standing. Ignoring compliance can sometimes put the organisation at great risk for not adhering to the law.


Thinking about the concept

A visual thesaurus search is always an excellent starting point to discuss a concept definition:

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Relations of Compliance management within Organisational futuring (and Corporate futuring)

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There exists a close vertical relationship within Organisational futuring:

On the Outer focus level, an affiliation exists with:

Corporate futuring and Organisational futuring intertwine, on the Outer focus level, through:

In concrete terms, this means:

  • The trio - 'Governance', 'HR management' and 'Compliance management' - is inextricably linked.
  • Your 'Compliance management' contributes substantially to 'Human capital', 'Requisite organisation' and 'Activa- & enablers management'.
  • Furthermore, 'Compliance management' is part of the Outer focus level where 'Organisational-' and 'Corporate futuring' meet.



Questions we can ask ourselves when contemplating our Compliance management

  • Support our 'Compliance management', our 'Human capital', our 'Requisite organisation' and our 'Enablers'?
  • Are our idea's about 'Compliance' based on 'Governance'?
  • Is our 'Compliance management' robust enough to generate 'HR management' and 'Governance'?
  • Is our 'Compliance management' keen enough to support our 'Commercial management' and our 'Business model'?
  • Is our 'Compliance management' a collider or a mediator between our 'Human capital' and our 'Enablers'?