Incompleteness theorem

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A theorem postulated by Kurt Gödel

The solution of a final problem in a closed system can never be found in the system itself, but only in a higher order system.

External link
Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)



Self-steering teams

The theorem explains the root cause of all problems we experience with self-steering teams. They are a CAS (Complex Adaptive System), aka a system. If they can't or, worse, are not allowed to create a META system, they cannot solve the problems occurring in their team. We can't expect a smooth-running team if we only care about what they DO within the group.




Strategy is on every level of your organisation, especially on the highest level, no more or no less than a META system (beliefs) about interests, values and goals, able to create solutions for the operational problems occurring or the realisation of your dreams.