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Welcome to the Leading into the future page

Wisdom is rarely owned by one person alone.


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The goal of Leading into the future

Creation of the proper physical and intellectual context so all internal and external stakeholders can contribute to realising the company's strategy regarding the global environmental and social situation.




The dynamics of Leading into the future comes from long-term thinking and ethical decision-making

To overcome paralysis and inaction, decision-making for the long-term needs:

  • Stepping back and consider all options, both near term and long term. This is because gathering information in our environment can cause us to become so focused on the immediate situation that we overlook the broader possibilities.
  • Rather than focus on binary outcomes, which rarely play out, we should consider the full spectrum of possible effects and assign probabilities to each.
  • "Possibilities always exist." Even in the worst of situations, opportunities and ethical choices can be made.




The enterprise elements related to the Leading into the future framework

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Within the Experiential Growth Method®, these action fields are part of Leading into the future:



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