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Our society is like a speedboat that has to sail faster and faster. There is no alternative, TINA. At the front are the glitzy boys, lovely with their hair in the wind. They uncork the champagne. People fall out of the boat in the back.

Nobody sees it. They are people with mental ailments—Depression, burnout, fatigue. Then, behind the speedboat, a rescue boat with therapists enters. They fish the people out of the water, give them warm clothes and good food, but then those people have to get back into the speedboat, which is terribly difficult.

D. De Wachter - 2021

The enterprise

The strategy

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The Organisation

Us-Them. Intergroup contact worsens things when the two groups are treated unequally or are unequal in number; where the smaller group is surrounded; where intergroup boundaries are ambiguous; when the groups vie to display symbols of their sacred values.

A more recent meta-analysis provides additional insights:

  • The beneficial effects of contact typically involve both more knowledge about and more empathy for the Thems.
  • The workplace is a particularly effective place for contact to do its salutary thing. Decreased prejudice about the Thems at work often generalizes to Thems at large, and even sometimes to other types of Thems.
  • Contact between a traditionally dominant group and a subordinate minority usually decreases prejudice more in the former; the latter have higher thresholds.

Novel routes of interacting-such as sustained online relationships-can work a bit as well.

R. Sapolsky – Behave – Penguin – 2017
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Starting point: if the value(s) of the people/teams in the organisation are balanced, there is a good chance that the organisation will become 'larger.'

This requires a believe that man,

  • does not start with a blank slate
  • can only develop oneself in and through a community

That is why there is a need for generalists who can put the complexity into words.

The leader


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