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Welcome to the Supporting page


What is supporting?

Support is an exchange of resources between at least two individuals perceived by the provider or the recipient to be intended to enhance the wellbeing of the recipient.

Sally A. Shumaker - 1984


Thinking about the concept

A visual thesaurus search is always an excellent starting point to discuss a concept definition:

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Relations of Supporting within Corporate futuring (and Organisational futuring)

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There exists a close vertical relationship within Corporate futuring:

On the Inner focus level, a direct affiliation exists with:

Corporate futuring and Organisational futuring intertwine, on the Inner focus level, through:

In concrete terms, this means:

  • The trio - 'Supporting', 'Performance' and 'Financial management' - is inextricably linked.
  • Your 'Supporting' contributes substantially to 'Long term thinking' and 'Steering'.
  • To realise your 'Long term thinking' through 'Supporting', you need 'Collaboration'. Even so, to realise your 'Steering', you need the right 'Managing'.



Questions we can ask ourselves when contemplating our Supporting

  • Is our 'Supporting' the basis to build 'Performance' and 'Financial management'?
  • Is our 'Supporting' robust enough to generate a succesful 'Steering'?
  • Is our 'Supporting' keen enough to contribute tot 'Long term thinking'?
  • Or does our 'Supporting' prohibit a relationship between our 'Long term thinking' and our 'Steering'? (See collider)