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Chapter 2 - EGM

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Understanding Kairos

Kairos refers to a specific moment considered to be particularly significant or opportune. It is often translated as "the right or opportune moment" and is less bound by the clock and more by the events happening.

  • Kairos is not about measuring time
  • but about understanding the significance of a moment.

In literature and art, Kairos often refers to a moment of decision or a turning point in a story or a person's life. It's a moment of change where things can go in different directions, where opportunities arise and where actions have consequences. Finally, it's a moment when the protagonist must make a choice that will determine the story's outcome.

In rhetoric, Kairos refers to the right moment to say or do something. It's the idea that timing is critical in communication and that the right message at the right time can be more potent than the same message at another time. It's the ability to understand the context and the audience and to use it to your advantage.

Kairos is a concept often associated with

  • change,
  • the ability to seize opportunities,
  • the importance of timing,
  • and the significance of a moment.

It's a reminder that time is not just a measurable quantity but also something that can be experienced and used to our advantage.



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